About Us

About Us

Yuvo – your website design professionals and IT support and training specialists

Our Mission

Yuvo’s mission is to provide IT and systems support in an environment where technology is no longer a separate part of life and business, but integrated with it more and more each year. In addition, Yuvo creates websites that are distinguished by their quality and flexibility; websites that work on any device, can be easily updated and are not restricted in the ways that many sites are today.

Back in 2014, we discovered a new way of delivering IT support. It comes directly from our philosophy that technology should be readily accessible and easy to use for everyone; after all, it’s there to make your life simpler. This motivated us to change the focus of our support services from the traditional ‘fix it, leave it, wait for it to break again’ approach of many IT companies. Instead, Yuvo aims to educate its customers; making them self-sufficient, giving them a wider understanding of the technology that has become ubiquitous in modern society. In other words, we want to ‘fix it, educate you, have you fix it next time (and we will be there if you need any help)’.


Now many people say, “But I’m not an IT professional, how am I supposed to learn all this?”. Well, you would be surprised at just how many support requests are extremely simple issues that can be avoided with just a little bit of knowledge. That knowledge is what we at Yuvo want to offer.


This same philosophy translates to both our micro-business and corporate clients. We understand the importance of reliable and effective IT solutions as well as the interruptions that not having these things can mean. Because of this, we focus on constructing a close relationship with your enterprise, allowing us to get a comprehensive understanding of your IT requirements. This gives us the opportunity to provide you with customised solutions instead of a one-size-fits all quick fix.

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