Frequently Asked Questions

A place where our most common questions are answered. If your question is not below, please contact us and we’ll answer you personally.

Yuvo FAQ

Where are you based?We come to you

We are based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. If you also live or work on the Coast, then you have the good fortune of having our mobile technicians come to your home or businesss to solve your IT problems. For home users, our technicians will deliver brilliant support and training to you in a one-on-one environment that is optimal for learning and implementing changes. And for businesses, our technicians will deliver support and training on the affected computers, networks and servers, tailoring the support to the needs of the business. Phone and remote services are also available to our customers that live or work further afield. This allows us to deliver our personalised service no matter where you happen to be located on earth (provided you have phone and/or internet connection).


What are your operating hours? 

Our freindly technicians are available to assist you from 8.30am-5pm Monday to Friday. However we can arrange for a technician to be available outside of these hours, on weekends, or on public holidays by appointment (charges may apply, but we’ll try to minimize or eliminate these where possible).


Website Design FAQ

How long does it take to build my website

This generally depends on the complexity of your website. But most of our sites have a turn around of about 3 days to 2 weeks. To see more about our websites, please click here. 


Is it true that I’ll be able to edit my website?

Yes, we use the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) which is a very versatile interface that lets you update and make changes to your site without the requirement of any technical skills. No additional software is required and you can change text, images, products, news feed entries and more. The only 2 things that you do need are an internet connection and your favorite web browser.

We chose WordPress as our CMS because of its flexibility to create a range of websites such as enterprise websites,Remote support anywhere in the world portals, blogs and simple websites. With WordPress no one will ever put ads on your site or claim your content. WordPress promises your own website, content and data. If you would like to learn more about WordPress, please click here to visit their site.

If you do not wish to make edits to your site we can build you a beautiful static site and we can do any maintenance on it for you if you ever need it.


Do you outsource any of your work?

No, all of our websites design and building plus our IT work are done right here on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.


IT Support and Training FAQ

Will you come to my home or business to provide IT support and/or training?

Absolutely! We prefer to deliver our IT support and training in your home or business. Not only is this immensely more convenient for you, but we also turned to science to make this decision… In essence, contextual information interacts with recall; the more similar the internal context (your state of mind) and external context (physical and situational surroundings) at the time of both memory encoding and memory retrieval, the easier it will be for you to recall specific information. Therefore, implementing our solutions and training in your natural environment can help you to recall and replicate them more easily at a later time.


How do I get phone and remote support?

Even if you do not live on the Sunshine Coast, Yuvo can still support you. We offer phone and remote support to help fix your computer problems and provide you with the training that you need. Alternatively, if you do live on the Sunshine Coast and have a relatively small, or urgent problem that a technician could solve over the phone, then you can book a remote support appointment (just give us a call). Remote support is charged in 15 minute blocks and can work out to be cheaper than on-site support to those on a budget. Please browse through the links below to see prices.

  Personal IT support and training
  Micro-business IT support and training
  Business IT support and training

If you would like phone and/or remote support, please click here to make an appointment and select ‘remote support’. We can assist you wherever you happen to be on earth (provided you have a phone and/or internet connection).

We wanted to make sure your data was secure during our desktop remote sessions, so we cComprehensive supporthose leading-edge remote desktop software with password and secure access pin plus full encryption (through SSL, which includes full support for AES). Please contact us if you’d like to know more.


How is Yuvo so cheap?

We believe that everyone should have access to technology, so we wanted to make sure our services were as affordable as possible. After much thought, we came up with (what we believe to be) a clever way to achieve this. The logic is based on the complexity of needs versus the price for service. We know that the technological needs of home users are generally less complex than those of micro-businesses (with 1-2 employees), and in turn, the needs of a micro-business are less complex than those of a business (3+ employees). So we decided to service individual home users, micro-businesses and businesses separately. We have created three different pricing schemes designed to match the complexity level of support required, resulting in a more tailored support experience for our customers and less strain on their back pocket.


Please browse through the links below to see prices.

  Personal IT support and training
  Micro-business IT support and training
  Business IT support and training


Is it true that you can also help me with my custom projects?

Yes, our custom specialties are custom website design, database construction, data automation and web applications. However, our technicians always fancy a challenge outside of our normal services list and look forward to turning your next project into a reality. 
Simply fill out the custom project details form here and we’ll get back to you with one of our technician’s responses and a simple project outline.


When and how do I pay?

Training in a broad range of devices
For IT support, we will send you an invoice which is due 2 weeks after our work with you is complete.


For website design, we ask that you pay for your site upon completion of the initial consultation. We will send you an invoice with all inclusions we have agreed upon.


For those who are looking at custom projects, we require a 50% deposit on commencement, and the total on completion.


As for how you pay, direct deposit is the method that we wholeheartedly recommend. 


What kind of training do you offer?

We provide training on a variety of topics to cater for a variety of skill levels. These include social media, Microsoft Word, Google Labs, email, iPhone, iPad, android phone, android tablet, Office365, WordPress and so much more. The training is self-paced and specific, and more information can be found in our regualar IT Support pages. For information and prices on personal support and training, please click here. If your training is less focused on home use, and more to help you to establish and/or to run a micro-business (a small business with 1-2 employees), click here. And if you represent a business (with 3+ employees),and you’re hoping to get us in to train your staff, we can help you out. Please contact us for a custom quote.


Do you help retirees?

Oh yes! We’re happy to provide retirees with both IT support and traWe welcome retireesining. Just because you didn’t grow up with technology doesn’t mean that you cannot use it like a pro! Our friendly and supportive team is happy to teach you the very basics through to advanced use on computers, printers, phones, tablets, routers or nearly any other device. We can even help you to purchase and setup your computer and it’s software, choose the right phone plan for your needs and then show you how to use it, and so much more. No job is too small for our friendly technicians! We’ll also come to your home so that you can work with your own computer in the environment that you know best. For pricing on personal IT support and training, please click here.


Is there a minimum charge for work performed on-site and is there a call out fee?

We don’t charge you ‘call out fees’ or ‘travelling costs’ per se. For on-site work, we simply have an initial half hour charge to cover the travel, this way we cover our travel and you still get a half hour of support for this fee. We like to think it is the best of both worlds. And then use a standard hourly rate (billed in 15 minute blocks) after that. Our on-site pricing is available here:

    Personal IT support and training
   Micro-business IT support and training
    Business IT Support and training


Where do you service?

We provide on-site services to the Sunshine Coast. That’s as far south as Pelican Waters, west to Montville, Maleny and Yandina, and north to Noosa. However, on-site services further afield to Brisbane, Gympie, and other regions can also be arranged. And of course we can help you via phone or remotely if you live further afield. Our expertise is only a click away


If my computer needs software or hardware, am I obliged to purchase through Yuvo?

Here at Yuvo we want to give you back the freedom when it comes to technology. We certainly will not make you purchase software or hardware through us (in fact we don’t even stock it!)… However, if you would like some advice on what/where/when to buy, we’re here to share our experience with you, we can even come with you to the store if you need that extra peace of mind.


I have a computer that I would like fixed, but I’m not sure if I should just buy a new one?

That’s a difficult decision to make, and the answer really does depend on a number of factors. Here are a few questions that you could ask yourself to help make the answer a little clearer:
Is the computer still under warranty? If so, the manufacturers should repair it for you for free (there may be some postage costs involved).
Is the computer running poorly because it has been infected by a virus? Using a virus removal tool could solve all of your problems.
How old is the broken computer? While it is true that any computer could fail at any second, the older the computer gets (and the older the hardware inside it), the more likely it is to wear out and cease working. We find that computers over 3 years of age tend to have problems that, in the long run, are sometimes better solved by simply purchasing a new computer. However, it is very much a case by case situation. Finally, remember that technology moves forward very quickly; a computer you pay $800 for today will be much faster and more powerful than a computer that you paid $800 for 3 years ago.
Is it worth fixing? If it is a cheap computer then its parts are generally going to be of a poorer quality. This means that you may have one part fixed just for another part to break down later. Average quality computers can be purchased for $600-$800 these days. It may be wiser to invest in a newer, better quality computer than to spend hundreds of dollars fixing the older poorer quality one.
If you would like any assistance diagnosing the old computer or purchasing a new one (including setup and installing software) then just book an appointment or give us a call.


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