Website Examples

Website Examples

View our website examples to see some of the features we can include into your website

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Website examples

Click on the images below to see examples of the basic, business and professional packages.

Basic Package

Business Package

Professional Package


Inclusions – ideas and samples

Check out our examples of basic website inclusions – the items that we can include in your new website at no extra cost. Of course, we’re happy to build in so much more for you, which we can discuss at your initial website consultation. There are also some premium additions that we can incorporate for a small fee. To buy your website and arrange your initial consultation please click here.





Large Button Buttons with icons Medium Buttons Small Buttons


Active Buttons


Service boxes

Display your products or services with beautiful service boxes


Don’t lock yourself in to a website that you don’t have full control over. Here at Yuvo we give you the keys


We plan websites so that they work, right down to their code


We’ll give you our professional opinions so we can work together to build something spectacular



You can have close-able notifications on your site…

…Or just standard ones


Image Effects (zoom, greyscale to colour, darken, lighten… and more)







Heading-1 Heading-2 Heading-3 Heading-4
value-1 value-2 value-3 value-4
value-1 value-2 value-3 value-4


A range of image layouts



Progress Bars

100% Complete

30% Complete



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A range of header types

Example page header

Your headers can have an image as their background, or a solid color and can include buttons or no buttons plus more

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Example page header

Your headers can have an image as their background, or a solid color and can include buttons or no buttons plus more


Plus so much more…

We also integrate social media buttons, image galleries, full width images, videos, and so much more. Just ask us about everything we can do for you during your initial consultation.



Premium additions

  • Parallax scrolling
  • Online shopping (e-commerce)
  • Sites with full-screen page background videos
  • Email marketing (users can subscribe to posts and comments and receive email notifications)
  • Database integration
  • Auto Facebook, twitter etc feed integration
  • Login with Facebook
  • Graphic Design
  • Translations
  • Skype call buttons
  • Paypal donate buttons

And more… Just let us know what you would like during your initial consultation, and we’ll give you a quote premium additions.


We hope you enjoyed this short introduction outlining just a few of the things that we can integrate into your site. Do keep in mind that this is simply a quick example and our developers are happy to work just about anything into your site. Some premium additions may incur a fee, however we will do our best to keep these to a minimum for you.


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